Budgetary Healthcare Institution, Korablinskiy
Interdistrict Hospital


Budgetary Healthcare Institution,Korablinskiy Interdistrict Hospital of the Healthcare Committee of the Ryazan Region is a third level medical organization that provides specialized health care service, including : otorhinolaryngology, traumatology and orthopedics, stomatology, pediatrics, neurology and therapy.  Medical care is provided in accordance with the medical practice license No. LO-62-01-001880 dated August 27, 2018 issued by the Healthcare Committee of the Ryazan Region.

The hospital includes a consulting clinic for 500 visits per shift with a day patient treatment for 48 beds, specialty departments of full-time inpatient facilities for 53 beds.



Sportivnaya street, 11, Korablino city, Ryazan region, 391200

E-mail addresses

Hospital Reference (Pass Office)
tel 8(49143) 5-09-31

Chief doctor of the hospital
Chilikina Elena Aleksandrovna

tel 8(49143) 5-08-00